1956 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet

1956 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet


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Very cool 1956 Sparkle Jet with added 1960’s Bigsby B3. Nice original guitar with just some light clear overspray to the back of the body with the most amazing crushed sparkle drum wrap top that Gretsch are famous for. The guitar sports the earlier full neck profile with block markers and still retains its Melita bridge although there are holes under the bridge that once held the fixed bridge that you can see when Marco used it.  It has the bullet truss rod cover associated with the 1955 model year and no G arrow pointer knobs. The guitar has a good neck angle and plays nicely. Its been re fretted in the past up to the 12th with original spec wire and the truss rod works with no issues. The guitar has clearly been used and has various bumps and scrapes including some extra holes where various tail pieces have been used over the years. However the top is unscathed and vibrant with 2 strong balanced  Dynasonic pickups delivering the goods. The guitar is ex Marco Perroni and the guitar can clearly be seen being used by him in the accompanying video. Comes with its early Gretsch tweed case.

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