1956 Gibson Les Paul Special Ex John Entwistle


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1956 Gibson Les Paul Special Ex John Entwistle

we are pleased to present this 1956 Gibson Les Paul Special that was part of the Sotheby’s John Entwistle auction that took place shortly after his untimely death in 2003. It has remained in 2 private collections since until finding its way to us. It was originally sold with Schaller tuners which we have replaced with an original set of Kluson 3 a plate which we feel is a huge aesthetic improvement. The good news with Schallers is the tuning peg holes are not enlarged, however the bad news is they leave 6 exposed screw holes in the back of the head stock which we have colour matched filled as closely as possible, and as such are largely invisible. The guitar comes with 2 bridges, and the 1960’s compensated bridge shown fitted to the guitar in the auction catalogue is in the case along with the Schallers. The the original wrap around bridge is back on the guitar. The guitar weighs in at an appealing 7 lbs 4 oz and apart from a sympathetic re fret all else on the guitar is original. The original TV yellow finish has matured to a rich butter scotch hue with just the right amount of wear and patina to reassure you that you have a 66 year old guitar in your hands. The guitar plays very well with a low action on a smooth fret board with just the lightest of indentations to the first positions. The neck P90 reads 7.69 k ohms and the bridge 8.19 k ohms making for a pokey balanced set. The guitar also features undisturbed solder in the control cavity with all the original components. Included in the sale is a copy of the Sothebys auction catalogue with a laminated blow up of the page which features the guitar, and it all comes in a 1970’s Gibson Les Paul case. A great way to buy into an appreciating artist associated vintage guitar.

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