1943 Gibson LG2


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1943 Gibson LG2


Wartime Gibson LG2 as designated by the “Banner” Headstock thats exclusive to this period in Gibson’s acoustic manufacture. Mahogany back and sides with a cleated 3 inch back crack which is easy to go un noticed. The neck has that full round profile and looks to be 3 piece maple construction. Unusual perhaps, but anything is possible during this period of limited resources. The 3 aside wartime tuners are present and work well. It looks like the neck has probably had some stain touch ups in the past to blend in the white of the maple thats begun to show through with playing wear. Its been done a long time ago and you can now see the maple flashing through again in places. The top is also mahogany and is crack free with no bridge pull. The straight small rosewood bridge shows signs of being re glues in the past but the finish has survived remarkably well for its years with just a touch of  milkiness to a small area to the bottom bout which may be a touch up or some kind of reaction to something. It looks like it will probably buff out with compound if it were to bother you. The frets which look original are in great shape and although the saddle is probably at its lowest and probably set at the factory the guitar plays easily with an action of  4mm bass and 2mm treble at the 12th. The neck is true with just a hair of relief  at the 7th and as a consequence the guitar is a pleasure to play and sounds wonderful as you would expect with a big warm balanced voice. The guitar is ready to enjoy as is and i personally see no need for any work moving forward. Its not often we see these Banner guitars these days and this LG2 does not disappoint.

Comes with a 1950’s/60’s card case

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