Vintage V100JBM Distressed Gold Top

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Vintage V100JBM Distressed Gold Top

The rock-solid combination of mahogany bodies and set necks, matched to top quality Wilkinson hardware and pickups means the Vintage V100 really sings!

The Trev Wilkinson-designed Vintage V100 features a unique evolutionary body shape with a graceful descending bass side shoulder and an ingeniously designed offset heel providing improved access to the ‘dusty-end’ of the guitar’s upper frets and opening up your playing.

ColourGold Top ~ Distressed
NeckMahogany – Set Neck
Fingerboard Radius12″
Top NutWhite Graphite
Nut Width42.5mm
Machine HeadsWilkinson® Deluxe WJ303 Chrome
Pickups2 Wilkinson® Double Coils (N) MWVC (B)MWVC
Controls2 Volume/ 2 Tone/ 3-Way Toggle