The Carl Martin DeLayla XL


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The Carl Martin DeLayla XL is designed and developed with one goal in mind: To create a superior echo pedal, with the same sonic quality as the original DeLayla but with new extended features, yet incorporating some of the same features used in vintage tape delay units.
To achieve this, we have incorporated a second delay head (slapback) (similar to using two heads simultaneously on a tape delay).
The SLAPBACK footswitch is used to turn the second delay head on or off.
The SLAPBACK knob controls the mix of main delay vs. second delay head. Clockwise movement favors the second delay head; Counter clockwise favors the main delay.
The SB-TRIM knob fine tune the second delay head’s time setting compared to the original delay head, by this it’s possible to create different delay patterns, going from strict slapback to way offbeat. The TEMPO tap is a real time tempo learn function, allowing you to foot tap the delay time to match the exact beat of the song.
The Carl Martin DeLayla XL also features a built in regulated power supply.
The result is a warm, smooth sound reminiscent of the vintage tape units used in the 50’s and 60’s, combined with modern features.
The Carl Martin DeLayla XL is able to capture one of the hardest sounds: That authentic rock’n roll slapback echo, that digital processors are unable to emulate.

Starting with a delay echo, it had that punchy, slightly distorted attack for which old Echoplex machines are known. Its decay sounded identical, with tape deterioration tone you simply cannot get from a digital unit – pure warm and nasty.
This pedal acts just like the real thing, but without the hassle of tapes and unreliable electronics. We could easily tap out our tempo with our foot with the tempo switch.
You’ll not find a more accurate-sounding tape delay unit than the DeLayla, which is one of the most accurate representations we’ve heard.

The DeLayla XL is warm, dirty and thoroughly charming. After playing with this pedal for a couple of hours, you you’ll properly start to wonder whether you’ll ever be able to stand the sound of crisp, perfect digital delays ever again. Like real well-worn tape, the DeLayla XL does a good job of filtering out higher frequencies in the echo tone, meaning you can be a lot more liberal with the effect than you would with a digital unit.