Singular Sound BeatBuddy Pedal With Optional Footswitch (Used)


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Singular Sound BeatBuddy Pedal With Optional Footswitch (Used)

The Singular Sound BeatBuddy Pedal is a compact, versatile drum machine pedal controlled by the tap of your foot. Pre-loaded with 200 songs spanning 21 different styles and genres, this stompbox-sized BeatBuddy is ideal for any solo musician or band looking to incorporate some digital beats to their music. The Beat Buddy features 10 drum kits and all drums are recorded live by real drummers, giving you that authentic sound and feel to your drums. The easy-to-use foot pedal gives you optimum control over your drums, allowing you to easily stop, start, insert fills and transitions and more. The large LCD screen displays important information and is easily readable when playing. The BeatBuddy pedal also features a headphone jack for silent practice. Ideal for rehearsals and live stage performances, the BeatBuddy is the perfect drum loop pedal for any musician.

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