2009 Sabbadius Hot Tube Simulator Booster Overdrive SRV!


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Sabbadius Hot Tube Simulator Booster Overdrive SRV!

In good used condition with original box

Analog pedal with 100% TRUE BYPASS mechanical footswitch. 
Volume control with a booster that simulates the vacuum tubes saturation stage of a Fender Vibroverb, Dumble, Bassman or Super Reverb amp. Specially designed for highlighting guitar solos or simulating Tube Amps. Stevie Ray Vaughan used played a very warm sound, rich in mid and harmonic tones, given by his guitar and the guitar equipment he used, such as Dumble Steel String Singer, Fender Super Reverb, Fender Vibroverb, Fender Bassman, among other equipment modified by Cesar Diaz. 

The SABBADIUS Mr. White was developed to get closer to the sounds of the equipment mentioned above but, in the process, I found out different use and combination options you can get with this pedal and its controls: 

1- Boosters simulating valve equipment in transistor amplifiers give more saturation to the sound. 

2- If you already have a Vacuum Tube amp and you can raise the volume to saturate the valves and get that particular tube amp sound, with the Mr. White you can get the same natural saturation of your equipment at low volumes.

3- Long chains of pedals, which are not TBP (True Bypass) or they are TBP but you have a long effects chain in your pedalboard, tend to take away the original sound from your equipment, such as treble and mid tones. By connecting the SABBADIUS Mr. White at the end of the chain (before the amp), and setting the OUTPUT knob to maximum and the BOOST CONTROL at 5, you add all those bright and mid tones your sound lost in the long chain, thus getting your original sound back. 

4- You can change the function of the SABBADIUS Mr. White by connecting it before or after the gain pedals, such as the Overdrive, Fuzz or Distortion pedals. If you connect the Mr. White after a distortion pedal, it will add significant volume and feedback. The addition of these elements to the Distortion, Overdrive, Fuzz, etc. improves the harmonic tones, which is ideal for blues, rock, funk solo, among others. If you connect the Mr. White before the gain pedals such as Overdrive, Distortion or Fuzz pedals, it will saturate your distortions and add more sustain; it will enhance the sound as well as add volume to the solos or enrich the sound of your gain pedal. (This setting is recommended for styles such as Metal, Grunge, Hardcore, Hard Rock, Punk, etc.) 

5- If you are not keen on taking your amp to small places like pubs, bars or small rooms, you can turn your Mr. White into a “Hot Vacuum Tubes Simulator Booster Preamp”. By connecting the Mr. White at the end of your chain of pedals and directly to the console, you can achieve that valve amp sound, whether saturated or not, and handle the amount of volume and saturation from your pedal, so that you don’t fully depend on the sound engineer. Mr. White’s controls: BOOST CONTROL: Knob that switches the Qty. of BOOST which saturate the sound. OUTPUT: Knob that controls the volume or output.


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