Korg Pitchblack Polyphonic Tuner


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The Pitchblack series of high-performance pedal tuners bring together Korg’s legendary tuner accuracy, versatility, and reliability – along with easy-to-see displays and stylish diecast aluminum bodies. Now, the remarkable Pitchblack Poly adds the convenience of polyphonic tuning to the acclaimed Pitchblack pedal tuner line-up.

After the success of the TC Electronic PolyTune, it’s no surprise to see Korg follow the polyphonic trend with this Pitchblack Poly.

In similar fashion to the TC tuner, with a simple strum of the open strings, the Pitchblack Poly will automatically work out whether you’re playing a guitar or bass, including four-, five- and six-strings, and then tell you how in tune you are via a clear display.

From there, you can tune each string individually, and the display changes to show the relevant note you’re aiming for, plus a meter that can be set to regular, strobe, half-strobe or split. Furthermore, you can calibrate the tuner to operate with various capo and altered tunings, and we’re happy to report that the interface, although involved, is straightforward to use.