Hofner Hi-CA-SB Cavern Violin Bass


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Hofner HI-CA-SB

When you think of a Violin Bass, you probably think of the brand Höfner, and when you think of the brand Höfner, you probably think of the Beatles. This Höfner HI-CA-SB Ignition Cavern bass isn’t named after the famous Cavern Club where the Beatles made history, however. It refers to the fact that this Höfner bass has a hollow body. It also features a spruce top and flamed maple sides and back. The letters SB in the type number refer to the fact that this model has a Sunburst finish. True Höfner buffs will know that this HI-CA is based on models from the early seventies, and by that time, the Beatles had moved on from the Cavern Club to playing gigs on the roof of Apple studios in London.

Construction of the Höfner Ignition Cavern

As mentioned before, this Höfner has a hollow body, which results in beautiful resonance. Just like the originals from the 1970s, the pickups on this bass have been placed close together, and the well-known Höfner tone control is also a blast from the past. The neck has an ergonomically-friendly scale length of 30 inches and boasts 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard. The humbuckers, hollow body and various other tone controls work together to give this bass a surprisingly versatile and rich sound.

The German brand Höfner isn’t only known for the renowned Violin Bass, it’s also one of the largest string instrument manufacturers in Western Europe. Ever since the company was founded in 1887, it’s produced a range of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars and classical instruments that have been built according to traditional methods with great care and attention to detail. Many guitarists and bassists, from beginners to professionals, prefer Höfner because their instruments are a combination of great sound, comfort and quality.

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