Circa 1964 Gibson Firebird 111


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Circa 1964 Gibson Firebird 111 HOLD

Interesting guitar this one, clearly a 1963-65 Reverse Firebird 111 with a few changes along the way. Its been completely refinished and the serial number is missing, there is a mark across the back of headstock about where it joins the the neck which we must assume the worst. There is also a hair line crack running up one of the center laminations of the neck behind the 2nd to 5th fret, all of this is rock solid and poses no issue and is more than accounted for in the asking price. The neck pickup is an original sealed patent whilst the bridge is an inscribed “Gibson” pickup from the 1972 re issues. Both sound incredible with all the bite you will ever need from a guitar. The Vibrola is chrome so replaced, as is the pick guard. The rest of the hardware and plastic appears to be original. All four pots and capacitors have been changed. It weighs in at 8 lbs 6 oz and i can tell you its a delight to play. Unusually, on removing the truss rod cover we can see from its outline that it was once fitted with a Gibson bell cover, with a Gibson Decal also hidden behind what looks to be the original cover that has had its decal refreshed. With the prices of Gibson historic guitar’s pushing ever higher here is the real deal for less!

Comes in its original case with repaired handle and one clasp


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