Circa 1931 Gibson L1

Circa 1931 Gibson L1


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My favourite of all the small bodied Gibson guitars and probably the rarest in this configuration. Incredibly lightly constructed at a hair under 3 lb’s X braced Spruce topped guitar which makes for a very responsive instrument. It has an 1″ 3/4 nut with a 24 3/4″ scale neck which joins the body at the 12th. The guitar has had a neck set in the past and a faithful to original wire fret job and as such is a delight to play. There is no grooving or pitting to the fret board. The top, mahogany back and sides are crack free with just some pick wear south of the sound hole which goes through the unique Cremona hand rubbed finish. The guitar is bound front and back. The bridge looks to have been removed and re glued  in the past and i can detect the lightest of pull to the top behind the bridge. Its not an issue in the slightest but should be pointed out. There is plenty of room in the saddle to adjust if required but the guitar is set up perfectly with 3mm at the 12th bass and 2.5mm treble. The original decorative 3 a plate tuners with ivoroid buttons work as they should and hold tune. Overall the guitar displays what we would consider light play wear to its finish considering its 90 years of age. Comes with a card case thats been hand decorated

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