2005 Cornell Plexi 18/20 Combo Guitar Amplifier


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Lightly used circa 2005 Cornell Plexi 2 x 10  HOLD

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Complementary push-pull class “A” output has been used in many renowned amplifiers throughout the history of guitar amplification. The problem with this basic circuit, which has remained common to all manufacturers with some minor differences, was one of unequal current flow through each output valve and unacceptable crossover distortion. At high output levels the problem is accentuated and results in a fuzzy sound.

We have corrected the design and resolved the problem by balancing the output and reducing the crossover distortion. This results in a much smoother sound at high output levels, the output having very little crossover distortion. The difference can be seen and measured on an oscilloscope.

We have encapsulated the components and called it the Cornell-Cream Box which describes the output tone. We now use this circuit in all of our complementary Class “A” push-pull output designed amplifiers


INPUT IMPEDANCE: Hi – 2.2 MegOhm: Lo – 94 kOhm

CONTROLS: Channel 1: Volume, Tone, Channel 2: Volume, Tone


High: 18/20 Watts

Low: 4.5/5 Watts

CABINET: Pine shell & plywood baffle. Green covering.

Height: 20in (510mm)

Width: 24in (610mm)

Depth: 9in (230mm)

WEIGHT: 44 lbs / 20 Kg