1985 Alice (Stancoil) 828 Mixer signed Ted Fletcher


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1985 Alice (Stancoil) 828 Mixer

Perfect front for your DAW

Signed and dated By Ted Fletcher

Some superficial marks to the steel casing but all in very good condition for its years

8 mic/line transformer inputs with direct outs for each channels with those famous limiters on the outputs. Recently serviced and everything works as it should including the lights in the VU meters.

Switchable  phantom power

3 Band EQ with sweepable mid. A bypass button disables the EQ.

2 Aux sends are provided, one is pre-fade (labelled foldback) and the other is post-fade (labelled echo send).

The channel strips are rounded out with the pan, fader, and a PFL solo button.

The main mix bus is equipped with a limiter,  Separate threshold controls are provided for Left and Right, and can be bypassed with the limiter Cut buttons. The Echo Returns provide an additional stereo input to the mix bus.

The monitor section provides all the functionality you’d expect from a small mixer designed with broadcast in mind! An input labelled “B Check” functions as a stereo external input to the monitor section, letting you listen back to your printed mix or another playback source. Mono and Phase Reverse buttons provide a crucial means of checking your stereo image, while the Dim button quickly attenuates the monitor level. Two Monitor outputs are provided.

A front panel headphone output is also provided.

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