1974 Gretsch 7595 White Falcon

1974 Gretsch 7595 White Falcon


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Seriously cool players grade Baldwin era Gretsch stereo white Falcon, the pinnacle of the Gretsch line. This one although in superb condition has had a life and has been converted to mono although the stereo harness is still within the guitar and securely fastened inside should it be required to convert back to factory specification. Its currently set up as 3 way pickup switch with a master volume with the rest of the controls out of circuit. This setup actually works well and makes the guitar far more useful for general use. Also we can detect some disturbance in the headstock area which we assume must be some kind of repair done early on in the guitars life. Its rock solid, and gives no issue with only the slightest cosmetic clues that give the repair away. The guitar is a belter and has a luxurious feel about it with a silky smooth ebony fretboard with pearl block markers and 2 blacktop Filtertron pickups delivering that thick creamy tone that Gretsch are famous for that really cuts through. The perfect rock/punk guitar…with style! Pictures tell the story, no issues with the gold metal flake binding and the frets have minimal wear with just the usual light indents up to about the 7th and the guitar plays well up and down the neck.

Comes with its original case with replaced handle and 2 defective catches

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