1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Crown headstock”



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We are please to be able to offer this early 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard.  The very first of these re introduced standards came in 1950’s livery and were released with the Gibson ES 335 Crown headstock overlay. It took perhaps 2 months or so for Gibson to realise the error and revert to the familiar Les Paul Silkscreen. The guitar has all the early features well documented over at the excellent www.latesixtieslespauls.com such as the high strap button, “Les Paul” Truss rod cover, 1967 pot codes and a one piece Honduran mahogany body and neck with long neck tenon. It has a 2 piece center seam maple cap. There are very few differences that separate this guitar from the original 1950’s guitars, the most visual is the 14 degree headstock pitch rather than 17 and the wide binding in the cutaway. The electronics are untouched with virgin solder joints. There a 6 small wax filled screw holes on the back of the headstock from another set of tuners used in the past but the originals are back on with no signs of disturbance or modifications other than the aforementioned filled holes. Weight is 9 llbs 4oz This has to be one of the rarest Gibson guitars from any period and i know i will never see another, so if your looking to complete your collection  here it is!

Comes with its correct orange lined case

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