1966 Fender Mustang Olympic White

1966 Fender Mustang Olympic White


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I have a soft spot for the Fender Mustang…my first Fender guitar back in 1977 was a Mustang bought at Tempo music Ealing. Introduced in late 1964 (Clay dot examples exist) and Leos last design for the company under his ownership. They were sold as available in red white and blue. Which was actually Dakota Red, Daphne Blue and Olympic White. So maybe the cheapest way to get a custom paint job Fender! This is a 24 inch scale length model which most were, but being a student model 22 1/2″ was available. As you can see this one is a real collectors peach with the lightest of wear and checking to the paint finish. The neck also has some nice figuring to the maple. Two strat style pickups with flush poles and a switching system that allows you to select the pickups in various combinations giving you some out of phase tones reminiscent of “Joes Garage….Turn it down” and i’m sure these guitars were used in garage bands all around the world. The pictures tell the story, completely original with the exception of the tremolo arm. A nice useable addition to your Fender collection

Comes with its original Fender silver case

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