1965 Gibson Trini Lopez

1965 Gibson Trini Lopez


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1965 Gibson Trini Lopez in superb condition and rare to find with all the cool desirable appointments such as the earlier  1 11/16″ nut width and full neck profile along with nickel hardware. The guitar has had a Bigsby tail piece on it early on as its a 1960’s B7 which has left no foot print other than the usual filled holes. We were tempted to put it back on but will let the new owner make the decision. As you can see the original cherry finish is rich and vibrant with very little wear other than some superficial age related checking from very light use. The fretboard and frets are in the same shape and the guitar feels light and responsive. 2 Patent # humbuckers with nickel covers read 7.45K Bridge and 7.35k Neck and deliver the business ! The guitar comes with its original Gibson case which is also in great shape, key included in its sealed envelope and the Bigsby B7. The guitar weighs 8 lbs 2 oz or 3.7kg. Both pickups have been out of the guitar and the nickel covers removed, they are T tops. Both pickup rings have also been replaced but the original M8’s are in the case with a crack in the bridge ring hence the replacement.

The Trini Lopez model was first introduced in 1964 making a first year model difficult to find, and being on the cusp of a transitional period for Gibson, its nice to see one before all the changes that downgrade all the 300 series models through the 1960’s

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