1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior

1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior


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We are pleased to  present this fresh 1958 Gibson LP Junior sold by us some years ago and now pleasingly back within our inventory. It would seem the secret is finally out about how incredible and versatile these guitars are, and i’m sure you would be hard pressed to find a cleaner more original example currently for sale in the UK at this time. Featuring zero colour fade and untouched solder with a 4 digit serial # and a soap bar P90 often found on these early 58’s reading a pokey 8.4 k ohms. The current owner decided the small original frets were a bit vague so its had a re fret with medium wire and as a consequence place faultlessly up and down the neck with a comfortable low action. The original nut was retained. The overall guitar is in good condition but on close inspection you will find light handling marks and bumps mainly to the back of the body which also has an area near the heel strap button and control cavity where there has been a slight reaction to the finish, probably from a guitar stand. The original tuning pegs work well although both the D and G pegs are slightly bent. The neck profile is a perfect comfortable full C and the the guitar weighs in at 3.1 kg or 6 lb 8 oz. Comes in a later card croc case.

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