1953 Gibson ES 350


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1953 Gibson ES 350 HOLD

These are becoming increasingly hard to find and as essentially a poor mans L5 represent great value. The model follows the L5 dimensions at 17 inches at its widest and fully hollow at 3 1/2 inches deep. The top is a feedback resisting pressed ply instead of the L5’s solid carved top and our guitar has some attractive flame visible at certain angles. Rosewood with double parallelogram markers replace the L5’s ebony finger board and the guitar is fitted with 2 tone busting P90 pickups with a master tone control at the bottom bout and a volume for each pickup. Its currently set with the pickups out of phase with both fully on for those T Bone moments, but easily put back to stock if required. Its a lot of fun as is so we are inclined to leave it. As you can see the guitar has been fitted with a 1960’s Bigsby B6 which suits it and works well over the original bridge. The original gold Kluson tulip tuners work well and hold tune. The guitar has been re fretted and the fingerboard levelled which has resulted in some of the side dot markers showing along the binding its a great setup and plays exceptionally well. The pick guard is missing but the original nickel tail piece is in the original Lifton case but has suffered the usual metal fatigue and cracked along the hinge. All in all a very cool guitar that can be used for a lot of styles.


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