The brand name Crafter and the company’s own South Korean manufacturing site, which is one of the most modern factories in Asia, are symbols for the successful match of high-tech production and the traditional craft of guitar-making. Crafter’s history starts in 1972 when HyunKwon Park founded his business in the basement of his home in Seoul. Within a compact 20 square metre space, HyunKwon built classical guitars for the Korean domestic market with four other craftsmen. By 1978 they had outgrown their basement space and moved to bigger premises, just outside Seoul, in order to fulfil their growing customer orders. At this time, the guitars were branded ‘Sungeum’ which means ‘accomplishing the sound’. This is still a well known brand in the Korean market today but HyunKwon’s ambition was to sell to guitar players across the world and so he started to build acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars to appeal to international markets.

Crafter CE CDN

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