Origin Effects SlideRIG


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Our goal was to reproduce the slide guitar tones first heard on Little Feat’s classic album, “Dixie Chicken”.
The tone is clean and transparent, with an almost infinite shimmering-sustain. For many this represents the ultimate in slide-tone.
In the studio, the Little Feat tone was achieved by daisy-chain-connecting two Urei 1176 “FET” compressor channels. The 1176 has a fast response and a unique character. Chaining the compressor sections vastly increases the amount of compression and sustain…

The SlideRIG is a highly specialised guitar compressor. It carefully squeezes and amplifies your guitar signal to create the effect of greatly extended, elongated notes.

The unit contains two chain-connected 1176-style compressor-circuits that process your guitar’s signal at all times… Duplicate controls allow the user to switch between two different “patches”. Each set of controls simultaneously adjusts the parameters of BOTH compressor blocks, so adjustments can be made with ease!

The SlideRIG delivers more “squash”, combined with a transparent tone and lower levels of electronic noise!

Simon Keats: “The SlideRIG is something I selfishly designed for myself because I wanted to get that Little Feat sound, and I was going to settle for nothing less than perfection!

I did my research, sourced the correct vintage studio compressors, and got “that” sound! I then carefully condensed the circuitry without affecting the tone!

With the cascaded compression blocks, you get almost endless sustain and the guitar becomes super-sensitive.”

• 100% Class-A discrete signal path

• Chained compressors for more “squash”

• Two user-presets

• Ultra-fast “FET” response

• Internal Attack & Release presets

• Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier

• Low noise electronics

• Selectable True, or Buffered, Bypass

• Traditional Through-Hole PCB

• 50 hours life from single 9V / PP3 cell

• PSU Spec. Min: 10mA@9V / 19mA@18V. Suggested: 100mA