Fender American Pro Jaguar®,Jaguar®, Maple Fingerboard, Sonic Gray


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Originally introduced in 1962, the Fender Jaguar quickly became one of the most eye-catching and revolutionary guitars in Fenders line-up. Notable players include Johnny Marr, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, John Squire and John Frusciante.

A Daring Instrument For Modern Players Looking For Innovation

When the Jaguar was released in ’62, it was miles ahead of it’s time, offering players unique electronics, a radical new body design and incredible playability. The Jaguar returns for 2017 as part of the all-new American Professional series, updated and hot-rodded for todays player.

Revolutionary Electronics

Those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Jaguar have probrably noticed the additional switch located towards the top of the body. This is actually an in/out Phase slider/switch which takes effect when 2 pickups are active at any time. What this does is reverse the polarity of the single-coil pickups, effectively turning the two into a humbucker for fatter rock tones! It’s an ingenius bit of wiring and makes this guitar one of the most versatile instruments in Fenders entire catalogue.

An Eye-Catching, Adventurous Design

An exquisite exercise in chrome, plastic and wood. The Jaguar guitar’s delighfully off-kilter aestheticcs and unique sound made it a darling of underground artists from the 70’s right on throught to today. Thought it was the pinnacle of guitar technology when it was released in 1962, time (and technology) marches on, thus the Jaguar has been updated with modern features and even higher quality materials. hot-rodding it for todays players. The result? The American Professional Jaguar, a dangerous instrument with bite.

The Jaguars Amazing, Yet Often Unnoticed Party Piece.

The tremolo system is and always has been one of the major selling points of the Stratocaster. The Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars however have vastly different systems to that of the Strat and this is where the magic lies.

You may notice that the tremolo arm is positioned before the end of the string run as apposed to the usual bridge attachment. This is an incredible bit of design work at hand which many players actually miss out on, as the system is not as visible as a Stratocaster tremolo. Usually when you break a string on a Stratocaster, the entire guitar goes out of tune. Well thats not the case with the Jaguar. A nifty button at the front of the tremolo, slides forward to engage the ‘trem block’. This locks the Tremolo height into place so that even in the event of string breakage, your guitar will not go out of tune! We don’t need to tell you how effective this can be in a gigging situation.

V-Mod Single Coil Pickups

The brand new V-Mod single-coil pickups power this beast and have been designed for each individual pickup position from the ground up. These pickups actually mix alnico magnet types to allow for more powerful nuanced tones while still retaining the original Fender flavor. Sustain is improved, single-coil hum is eliminated and high end tones are actually clearer and more prominent. From trying these puppies out, they don’t sound like a rehash, these are totally re-imagined to the point where you will ‘feel’ a difference due to the improvement on picking dynamics and response. We absolutely love them.

A Brand New Treble Bleed Circuit

It’s all fine and good that Fender have created incredible pickups, but does this new Jaguar fully take advantage of them? Well thanks to radical new ‘Treble-Bleed’ circuity, these pickups can sing their finest song without even a shred of tone loss. This new circuitry makes use of the very best transistors and capacitors to ensure that when you turn your guitars volume down, no brightness or attack is lost within the circuit. This is a huge innovation in its own right and will be instantly noticeable to players when they experience the versatility that comes from being able to clean up dirt tones and change the guitars entire dynamic just via subtle turns of a volume/tone control. That’s another one off the list for Fender.

A Brand New Neck Profile

For 2017, Fender are going with an all new neck profile, the ‘Modern Deep C-Shape’. Now any good player will tell you that a neck profile is subject from player to player and what works well for some, may not work as well for others. Somehow Fender have taken this rule and torn it out of the book. this new profile is expertly designed to feel amazing in your hands while you play. This is actually all to do with a brand new fret design, the ‘Narrow Tall’ fret. This new shape makes bending strings effortless and accurate while keeping this guitar in perfect intonation.

New Hardshell Case

The Elite Molded Case features body-hugging contours to protect your cherished instrument, TSA latches for increased security and nested stacking ability for easy storage and secure transport.



  • Body Marterial – Alder
  • Body Finish – Gloss Polyurethane


  • Neck – Maple, Modern “Deep-C”
  • Neck Finish – Satin on Back, Gloss on Front
  • Fingerboard – Maple
  • Frets – 22, Narrow Tall
  • Position Inlays – Black Dot (Maple), White Dot (Rosewood)
  • Nut (Material/Width) – Bone, 42.8 mm
  • Tuning Machines – Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered
  • Scale Length – 24″ (610 mm)


  • Bridge – 9.5 inch Radius Jazzmaster/Jaguar Bridge with Vintage-Style FLoating Tremolo with Tremolo Lock Button and Scre-in Tremolo Arm
  • Pickguard – 3-Plyu Black, 3-Ply Mint Green, 3-Ply Parchment
  • Pickups – V-Mod Single-Coil Jaguar (Bridge/Neck)
  • Pickup Switching – 4 Position Blade
  • Special Electronics – 2 Position Slide-Switch for In/Out of Phase When Both Pickups are On
  • Controls – Master Volume with Treble-Bleed, Master Tone
  • Control Knobs – Skirted Amp Knobs
  • Hardware Finish – Nickel/Chrome
  • Case/Gig Bag – Elite Molded Case