Digitech Hardwire HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner


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You Play a Six-String Guitar.  You Need a Six-String Tuner.

You wouldn’t buy a one-string guitar.  Then why would you buy a one-string tuner?  The HT-6 PolyChromatic Tuner allows you to tune all six strings in a single strum.

Checking the tuning of your guitar one string at a time is panful.  Those few moments of silence on stage can feel like an eternity.  Don’t let a one-string tuner kill the vibe of your show.  The HT-6 lets you check the tuning of all six strings in a single strum.  Knowing you’re in tune in an instant lets you get on with what really matters most – the music.

HT-6: Advanced Tuning

For those of you who like to kick it old school, we let you choose to tune a single note like a chromatic tuner or strum for polyphonic tuning without having to flip a switch.  And don’t forget that the HT-6 automatically adjusts for fret offset!  There’s something to having options available at your fingertips and your favorite settings always in place.  One strum, and you’re done.

Fast Tuning: Whether tuning a chord or a single strand.

Drop-D Tuning: Pump more power into your chords and still be in key.

4, 5, 6-String Bass Tuning: Bassists unite.  The tuner works for you too!

Automatic Fret Offset: Tuning is a snap in any chordal variation.