2015 D’Angelico Excel EX-59


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D’Angelico Excel EX-59

2015 D’Angelico Excel EX-59

In very good lightly used condition and bristling with Art Deco features is this  D’Angelico Excel EX-59. You may notice that this one looks slightly different to the usual production guitar and thats due to some sympathetic plastic hardware alterations that we think suit the guitar and really add and improve to the overall look. The original pickup covers and knobs are in the case and all else is factory. The frets are unmarked on a 25 1/2″ scale length  with a 43mm nut. Needless to say it plays extremely well.

The all-new Excel 59 is an old-school gem and modern spin on a John D’Angelico original designed in 1959. The 59’s 16-inch-wide, 1.75-inch-deep, fully hollow body paired with an ebony fingerboard offers woody tone and crisp articulation. It features custom Seymour Duncan Great Dane P90s, exclusive to D’Angelico, offering a massive range of tones—from warm and wooly to big and brash. All paired with vintage-inspired details like a chickenhead selector and cupcake knobs, the 59 feels timeless

Great Dane P90s

Custom-made D’Angelico Great Dane P90s by Seymour Duncan are based on earlier dog-ear P90s from the 1940s and offer vivid tones ranging from warm and woody to bold and brash.


Modernized Design

Today, the Excel 59 has been modernized with a thinner but still fully hollow design and a slightly more compact, 16-inch-wide body for exceptional versatility and control—all while still offering organic archtop tone.


Comes with its fitted hard case.

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