Cornell Vintage Brown 10


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Vintage refers to the 1980’s sound. Brown refers to the tone sort after by many guitar players of that generation.

It is common for modern amplifiers to incorporate several valve stages to achieve high gain. This tends to reduce the response, colour the tone and suppress the players natural technique.

By incorporating the guitars volume control as part of the amplifiers pre amp design this amp will deliver plenty of gain and still retain the guitars tone and feel.

It works by having more than the normal amount of gain in the first stages of amplification. With the guitar on full there will be pre amp distortion, while turning the guitar volume down will clean up the sound.

Hi input (2.2 MΩ)

Gain (Pull Gain out)

Volume (Pull Tone shift)


Output Switch:

Power A-B-C-D
A – 10 watts
B – 1.5 watts
C – 0.25 watt
D – 0.05 watt

Mains (On/Off)

Single ended class A Cathode bias

Speaker output (1/4 inch jack socket) 8 ohm output

Valve Complement:
ECC83 (x2)
ECC81 x1
6L6 x 1

Celestion V12 Speaker

Weight: 29 lbs (13.2Kg)

Size: 15 x 21 x 8.5 inches

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