1963 Guild S 50 Jetstar


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1963 Guild S 50 Jetstar

So nice to get one of these back with us. Guild’s “Junior” Junior by designation, but be assured like all juniors its a rather grown up beast comprising of solid mahogany body with a set neck and a single coil pickup in the middle position, which unlike most single pickup guitars gives it a unique voice thats happy both clean and rocked up. The bridge is interesting, almost resembling a Fender telecaster ashtray type affair with a lid that stops short of the compensated bridge allowing you to palm mute. It weighs 7 lbs 2 oz and has a 43mm nut with a comfortable full C neck profile. The headstock is the earlier and unique 3 aside tuner type and the guitar is all original right down to the 2 rubber feet to protect the rim whilst you lean it against your amp! Even cooler is that it comes with its original blue lined case with gold Ronson catches.

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