1961 Fender Stratocaster Black

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1961 Fender Stratocaster Black

This is a nice light and resonant pre CBS Fender Stratocaster that has seen a few changes. The body has been refinished black and i believe i can detect some very fine overspray on the neck which has largely worn away. The original decal has crazed slightly suggesting some overspray although it is still raised to the touch

Body pick up routings have been deepened slightly as either part of the refinish process or past pickup experiments…i suspect the later

Body finish is in thin nitro and although hard to photograph has aged and crazed nicely

The original green nitrate guard has a small extra hole near the switch screw which remains unfilled and goes unnoticed.  All 3 pots remain and date to the 34th week of 1961. The 3 way switch is 1970’s. The shielding plate is there.

The 3 knobs are old replacements

Bridge and saddles all correct

Neck and middle pickup are original windings but the bridge looks to have been rewound in the 1970’s judging by the colour of the wire.

It has been re fretted with medium wire and the nut has been changed. The slab board is in very good condition.

pickups read Neck   5.8    middle      6.1     bridge 5.1 K ohms

weight is 7.6 llbs

The tremolo arm is a replacement

Complete with Selmer Croc skin case.

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