1959 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow


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1959 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

Here we have a players grade and extremely hard to find these days  1959 TV yellow Special. Of course its suffered the fate that so many have over the years but as you can see from the pictures a lot of effort has been made to make sure this instrument performs as well as it did (if not better) then when it left Kalamazoo.  The heel repair is rock solid, and stronger than factory with a perfect neck angle which results in a fabulous playing experience with a low action and straight neck. It was decided to attempt to blend the paint on the back rather than refinish the whole back to try retain as much of the original paint as possible. The good news is, all the work is on the back so you hardly ever see it.  The pots and capacitors are recent and the wrap around is a light weight replacement. The original P90’s sound killer and the guitar has that in built elastic tension feel that you only tend to find in old vintage guitars which is priceless. It weighs in at 7 lbs 8 oz and the neck pick up reads 7.9 k and the bridge 9.2k which gives a balanced sound with plenty of bite on the treble pickup. Its currently set up out of phase in the middle position which gives the guitar an extra dimension, but easy to revert to in phase if preferred.

Comes with a hard case.

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