1958 Gibson ES 225 TD


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1958 Gibson ES 225 TD

Another guitar that has rapidly gained the respect it rightly deserves and has begun the climb up the vintage market is the 1950’s ES 225 TD. I think of these as a 1950s ES 330 but they always feel a bit more grown up, smoother and more substantially put together. As you can see this is a nice one in superb original condition, i feel the secret with these is the Les Paul tail piece that so often gets removed with a Bigsby taking its place. The tailpiece is mostly misunderstood and was designed by Paul to add sustain whilst allowing height and intonation adjustments. Maybe crude by today’s standards but it sure adds sustain and i believe is responsible for the classy feel and sound of these guitars. The finish is exemplary with a touch of raised grain to the back of the guitar probably from sitting in a humid case for a sustained period. The only other detriment is a slightly bent D tuning peg. The pictures tell the story and it comes with its pink lined Lifton case that will also fit your 1950’s ES 335

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