1952 / 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion


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1952 / 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion

We are pleased to present to market this incredible Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion. No expense has been spared, or corners cut in the attention to detail to ensure that this is the closest you can get to a 1959 Standard without the prohibitive price tag of an all original guitar. The guitar has excellent provenance, and its journey can be traced so that you can be sure you are 100% certain of what you are buying. It is presented here fitted with an original set of 1959 long magnet PAF pickups complete with their original nickel covers and a complete wiring loom / matched pots also from 1959. Its also currently fitted with an original non wire ABR1 bridge giving the best transmission of tone to the old wood as possible. The rest of the hardware / plastic is quality re issue parts. However, we do have access to a parts bin from 1959 and can supply at extra cost everything you need to complete the guitar to original factory specification should you wish. This would include an original set of 1959 pickup rings (probably the hardest part to find period) pick guard, large hole 59 Kluson tuners, tail piece/studs and knobs etc. Of course, non of these extra parts will effect the tone or playability less or more so than you see it presented here. The guitar originally belonged to artist/producer Terry Thomas and we have an accompanying letter and photographs from him . The guitar weighs just 8 lbs 4 oz or 3.8 kg and has the most incredible neck profile leaning to the more conservative side of profiles for 1959, and fits the hand like a glove with an almost soft V feel with slim shoulders. The perfect carve.  The serial number (correct font) is not a recorded example and is in keeping within the time frame. As the guitar originally had a 3 piece top which wouldn’t take a stain evenly, it was decided to re top the guitar with the best select maple to improve the aesthetics. Plugged holes from a Bigsby B7 can be seen to match / explain the holes left from the original 52 tailpiece left in the rim of the guitar. Again an original B7 can be supplied and fitted if so desired. The nitrocellulose finish is thin and sunken giving a very authentic look with remnants of the fading burst at the edges, again something thats hard to execute convincingly. Needless to say the tone and playability is sublime and the guitar has that wonderful elastic tension that you only get from time served old wood.

The guitar comes in its pink lined original Stone case.

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