1935 Gibson Roy Smek

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1935 Gibson Roy Smek

Here we have an amazing rare and unusual pre war Gibson acoustic guitar. This is probably a one off guitar as a special order or using up what was left. Nothing particularly unusual about a Roy Smek Hawaiian, but this one shares features to the more grown up and rare Radio Grande. This original example is badged as a Roy Smeck Stage deluxe but has the features of a superior Radio Grande model. The body has Rosewood back and sides ( instead of Mahogany) a bound neck and Nick Lucas inlays ( instead of Unbound and dot markers) and even has a documented Radio Grande Batch number of 965. A very rare and interesting Pre War Gibson Guitar. Most Smeks get converted to regular acoustic which involves re setting the neck and fretting etc. We would prefer to let the new owner make that call as its only original once. These guitars are based on the pre war jumbos and share all the constructional features, bracing etc, so would make a phenomenal guitar once converted to a 12 fret pre war jumbo acoustic. The only change i can see is one changed tuner peg and we are looking for a replacement…do you have one or a set?

Comes with a Hiscox hard case. Please call or email the shop for all further details

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